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I am a food and travel blogger and the creator of Stella and Me, LLC. We decided to create this site after years of traveling with our lab Stella in tow. exploring great restaurants and hotels where Stella would be welcome and we could relax and enjoy some time with her. We have created Stella and Me to highlight venues of appeal to both pets and their owners, providing in-depth reviews and details of our personal travel and culinary experiences (from both a canine and human point of view!).


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One of my favorite places on the entire Amelia Island is the Salty Pelican.  The service is always congenial and the atmosphere feels like a perpetual vacation, whatever the season....
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Cold days in Atlanta! Yep, they don’t happen often, but we had our first snow fall for 2018 for Atlanta this month, and the second for the winter.  It took...
Hectic grocery holiday shopping – traveling about town with dogs in-tow! I was leaving a grocery errand with a last batch of nearly forgotten items for my holiday menus when...
Welcome to Stella and Me! The goal of this site is to offer in-depth reviews and insights on great travel and dining experiences in dog-welcoming environments.  While there is an increasing...
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